▶ ラビラビ

az3 = voice , live mix
Nana = percussion
Piko = percussion
ジンリキトランス / テクノ / ハウス / ラヴコンシャス
since 2001.11.11
∴120Lives / 365Days
ふたりの打楽器と声の独創楽団。宇宙船的軌道で地球各地に現れ、音楽と愛を放射するDANCE HEAVEN MAKER。ライフストーリーのすべてにおいてシングルオリジンを貫き、形態美と精神性の高い波動を創造しながら10年以上に渡り回遊を続ける。
Dub Master 内田 直之氏曰く 「ラビラビはA.D.M = analog dance music」
Super Drummer 沼澤 尚氏曰く 「このヒトたち、天才ですから」
奇才DJ ALTZ氏曰く 「ラビラビは山も街もイケる」
翻訳家 北山 耕平氏曰く 「動く聖地」


▶ RABIRABI / JPN / Shamanistic Groove House, Organic Trance

A wild,free-style,3-piece unit
Azumi, female vocalist who projects her voice as an instrument and creates a little twist by using a mixer.
Piko, percussionist, RaBiRaBi's groove builder. It emphasis on reverberation and was customized by himself.
Nana, percussionist, Her instrument is Bass Dr. and Cajon. Her powerful performance grabs the audiences heart.
RaBiRaBi's sound "Jomon Trance" is full of dynamics and instantaneous force, changes from the tune which reminds people being one with nature and land, to the groove which takes people to a dance journey beyond border,race and time space.Jomon is the period in Japanese prehistory (New Stone Age in world history). RaBiRaBi's "Jomon trance" stimulates people's cells to feel and enjoy the origin of joy from dancing with a groove (has been cytologically passed on for generation to generation). RaBiRaBi performs more than 100 live gigs a year and makes field recordings as well. All over Japan, RaBiRaBi has been making a miracle super-positive celebrating moments of dance, music and being.


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